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LinkedIn is NOT Social Media . . .

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LinkedIn is NOT social media. . .


LinkedIn is not social media! Say it again, slowly: LinkedIn. Is. Not. Social. Media. LinkedIn is 18 years old and has over 722 million members, it isn’t the largest platform (that’s Instagram), but is the most trusted and has the most engagement, which makes since because it is a networking platform! 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week. 2021 will be the first time that LinkedIn will pass the 50% milestone of US marketers using LinkedIn, according to eMarketer estimates. For companies with a LinkedIn page, and post weekly, the engagement rate is 2x more than other platforms according to Hubspot’s 2021 report. There is also incredible evidence to show the power of a company page for your employees and customers to share your content. LinkedIn ranks behind Facebook and Instagram for B2B purchase research, but ahead of Twitter and Pinterest with 33% of B2B decision makers using LinkedIn to do research.
Do you want to know more about this powerful platform and how small businesses can use it to establish a brand and network? Maybe you want a way to stay current on your industry, the economy, or find talent; LinkedIn can help you do that. Also, it is a far more positive and healthy community than those social media sites you’re likely using to reach your customers. Join Dr. Anna for this session on LinkedIn and the way in which you can build a brand built for networking and engagement.

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Dr. Anna Stumpf

Anna Stumpf is the online coordinator for Ball State’s Center for Information and Communication Science’s online masters degree. After a decade in management with Wal-Mart, she pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching and began an eight-year career as a high school business teacher. Though teaching high school was rewarding, Anna felt that she had more business experience to offer and earned an MBA in 2011 which allowed her to transition into the collegiate classroom. After eight years of teaching undergraduate and graduate marketing Anna was offered a new role with CICS at Ball State. Fun fact? Anna was able to make the connection and learn about that role because of an ECISMG event! Anna’s approach to the classroom is simple: “I pride myself on never having a student in any seat in any classroom ever wonder ‘when will I ever use this?’ It is my passion to answer that question before they think of it”. Anna enjoys teaching using real-world concepts. Anna earned her doctorate in 2018 around social media engagement. She has paired that with her mentoring around personal brand to create her “Conversations with Anna; Stories to Move Your Life Forward” Podcast and her Golden Ticket Prof of how to live your truth.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amstumpf/
Website: https://www.goldenticketprof.com/


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