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“Social Media: It’s About Being SOCIAL” with Micah Maxwell

micah-maxwellThursday, May 19th, 8am to 10am @ the Innovation Connector, 1208 W. White River Blvd., Muncie


You don’t want to be “that guy” on social media that everyone avoids. Think about social events you’ve attended … you know who I’m talking about.

The lady with the huge photo album in her purse. The guy always complaining about politics, sex and religion. The guy who takes a selfie with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Oh, and the one WHO ALWAYS TALKS TOO LOUD!!

What is the right balance of sharing, listening and advocating via social media? Hear Micah Maxwell share his thoughts on the subject and join in the discussion at the next Social Media Group meeting.

Micah Maxwell is the Executive Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Muncie and alumnus of Ball State University with a degree in Organizational Communication. He has received numerous awards including the Inaugural Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders. Micah also serves as an infantry officer in the Indiana National Guard.


May’s Breakfast Sponsor is The Co:Lab


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