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Tell Great Stories

jeff-echolsPlease join us for “Tell Great Stories” by Jeff Echols on Thursday, September 17, 2015 from 8am – 10am at the Innovation Connector in Muncie!


Everyone loves a good story.

Storytelling is part of the Human Condition. It’s the basis of History as we know it. It’s why Corporate Storytelling can be so powerful.

Whether you need Customers or Donors, Investors or Clients, they all love a good story.

In this presentation:

  • We’ll talk about the structure of great stories.
  • We’ll discuss successful storytelling strategies.
  • We’ll look at storytelling examples, both good and bad.
  • Finally, we’ll practice the application of digital tools and storytelling through a hands-on, live storytelling exercise using just the apps on our phones.

Everyone has a story; what’s yours and who’s telling it? Can we tell it better?

8am-8:30am FREE Breakfast and open networking
8:30am-8:45am Introductions and the Breakfast Sponsor Presentation
8:45am-9:30am Main Presentation
9:30am-9:35am Break
9:35am-10am Open Forum for Q&A

About Jeff Echols
Jeff Echols is a creative and strategic Digital Communications and Digital Marketing professional. He’s a Storyteller. He’s a Networker; a Connector.

As the Senior Strategist and Storyteller at echoEngagement he craft’s engaging stories for businesses, individuals and organizations around their unique passion, purpose and value.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

What I do …

  • Analyze and understand Corporate Missions, Customer Personas, Target Markets and Unique Value Propositions.
  • Develop and implement successful strategies to establish brand, manage reputation and build awareness.
  • Tell unique stories that drive connection, conversation, engagement and passion.
    Teach and coach sales, marketing, public relations and customer service professionals and empower them to become valuable brand advocates.
  • Develop strategic digital marketing plans and tactical communication programs that are laser-focused on supporting corporate goals and objectives.
  • Bridge the gap between C-Suite Leaders and Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Customer Services Professionals; promoting buy-in, communication and empowerment at all levels.
  • Build awareness and engagement, amplifying brand and reputation, reaching beyond existing limits and defining new thresholds.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours and who’s telling it?


The September ECI Social Media Group meeting is sponsored by the Innovation Connector and the Downtown Business Connector.



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