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We’re so connected we’re disconnected

Please join us for “We’re so connected we’re disconnected” by Tony Pantello, Digital Marketing Manager at MutualBank on Thursday, July 16th from 8am – 10am at the Innovation Connector in Muncie!


Mobile communications and social media offer us so many conveniences in keeping touch with the friends, family members, brands, and causes we care about most. But could it be that the very devices and platforms we’ve come to expect so much from are inversely enabling us to expect less from each other and our relationships?

And furthermore, we all can remember a time without smartphones and social media. But what about our children and generations upcoming who are digital natives – for whom always-on always-connected technology is simply the way life has always been? How is this shaping their adolescence and expectations from relationships in a variety of powerful ways?

This isn’t a session that’s going to provide 5 key takeaways to improve your business’ or organization’s social media presence.

No, I hope it will provide something much more valuable: an opportunity to reflect on where technology is taking us, how it is actually shaping us, and ways to reclaim conversation, not just connection, as the bedrock of our relationships.

Tony & HadleyTony Pantello is the Digital Marketing Manager at MutualBank. A graduate of Taylor University in 2009, Tony’s professional roles throughout his career and civic engagements have revolved around digital technology, whether that be cultivating an organization’s social media engagements, developing websites, crafting digital media, or of late, researching changing consumer behavior from an online banking / mobile banking perspective.

Technology and social media has always been natural for Tony. Relationships however, self-admittingly, have not. Drawing from his own life experiences and observations regarding how digital technology has shaped his own relationships, Tony is thrilled to share his perspective digital native regarding the societal and relational implications of social media.

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July’s Breakfast Sponsor is MutualBank!


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