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Digital Video for Digital Marketing

Join us on Thursday, May 21st from 8am – 10am at the Horizon Convention Center in Muncie for “Digital Video for Digital Marketing” by Dave Flowers of Slim Fisher Media.


slim-fisherWith advances in technology and the vast availability of high quality cameras and editing software, digital video and media has gained aggressive momentum in social media. With digital video and imagery spearheading a new medium, many often wonder how they can utilize this to their advantage. Join Dave Flowers as he discusses how you can develop video and images to benefit your social media outlets. He will cover tips and tricks on how to effectively use the technology you hold in your hand to benefit you, what you need to make a successful video, and when it’s time to outsource for larger projects.

A native of Dunkirk Indiana, Dave Flowers specializes in digital video and media and is the co-founder of Slim Fisher Media.

While serving as a sailor in Middle East, Dave produced and directed the documentary “Anchored in the Desert”, an in depth look at the men and women serving with the Foxtrot detachment of the Expeditionary Medical Facility, Kuwait. After serving 12 years as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, Dave decided to take off the uniform and pick up a camera. He attended film school at Miami International University in Miami, Florida and returned to Indiana in 2011.

For the past two years Dave has provided camera work and digital editing for over 30 internationally distributed instructional videos for Annie’s Publishing in Berne, Indiana. Aside from providing digital video services to local businesses and organizations, he has also spent the last three years traveling across the nation as an acting and modeling coach for organizations based out of Los Angeles, California.

In 2013 Dave and his wife, Kiera, founded Slim Fisher Media providing digital media services for East Central Indiana and have since branched in to providing services to western Ohio as well.

When he’s not on set or editing in the studio, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, acting for local theatre groups, watching silent films, and promoting independent filmmakers in Indiana.



8am-8:30am FREE Breakfast and open networking
8:30am-8:45am Introductions and the Breakfast Sponsor Presentation
8:45am-9:30am Main Presentation
9:30am-9:35am Break
9:35am-10am Open Forum for Q&A

Our breakfast sponsor for May is the Horizon Convention Center!


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