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Social Media Today…and Maybe Tomorrow

View More: http://kristengrayphotography.pass.us/melanie-and-addie-may-2013Join us on Thursday, February 19th from 8am – 10am at the Innovation Connector in Muncie for “Social Media Today…and Maybe Tomorrow” with Melanie Howe of Addison Avenue Marketing!

Facebook Groups? Sponsored posts in Instagram? Facebook friends in my Pinterest feed? What is going on? Keeping up with your friends in your social news feed is one thing but keeping up with the world of social media and it’s constant evolution can be a whole new can of worms. Social media popularity has grown exponentially since it’s early inception and has planted it’s deep roots into our culture and way of life today.

In this month’s presentation EICSMG committee member, Melanie Howe, will cover a quick down and dirty of the latest updates and trends in social media. She’ll cover the heavy hitters like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Snapchat, and more. So if you’re finding yourself feeling behind and a little lost in today’s realm of social media, whether it be for yourself or for your organization, come enjoy some coffee and hear the down and dirty. You will leave more informed and armed with helpful resources to keep you up to speed after this month’s ECISMG meeting.

logo_AddisonAve_vert_200x230Melanie Howe is a self-employed marketing consultant who is passionate about working with small businesses and non-profits. In 2014 she went out on her own and launched Addison Avenue Marketing so she could do just that. Her passion for the community can be seen in her involvement on various boards and committees and an occasional spat with someone who criticizes Muncie. Melanie is full of high energy, humor, passion, and is known to make a list for just about anything. She’s a mom, entrepreneur, DIY’er, self-proclaimed terrible speller, and once enjoyed a three year stint as her high school mascot…and lived to tell the tale.


  • 8am-8:30am FREE Breakfast and open networking
  • 8:30am-8:45am Introductions and the Breakfast Sponsor Presentation
  • 8:45am-9:30am Main Presentation
  • 9:30am-9:35am Break
  • 9:35am-10am Open Forum for Q&A

Our February Sponsor will be BC Digital Marketing!


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