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Thursday, June 19: Sell It Like a Rock Star

Please join us Thursday, June 19th at the Innovation Connector located at 1208 W. White River Blvd. for a presentation titled, “Sell It Like a Rock Star”  by Thaddeus Rex.

For more influential relationships, this info packed presentation offers practical insights for more powerful networking with less effort. Designed to help those shooting to the top, explore proven strategies the stars use to attract attention, stay remembered, and get ’em talkin’ (’bout you!). From exciting songwriter secrets to research based tools, there’s a code for selling clients who love to sell you.

-2 Simple steps to becoming most memorable person in any room.
-Craft an elevator pitch that gets repeated
-Rapport’s biggest barrier and how you sail past it
-3 laws of human nature affecting every decision

About Thaddeus

IMG_7542pbw_bFew presenters have been compared to both Dale Carnegie and David Bowie. Fewer still have the honor of being called “part Monty Python, part Dr. Seuss” by the Washington Post. PBS veteran Thaddeus Rex is creator of the now famous Read Like a Rock Star program. He’s advised and created programs for the National Endowment for the Arts, Chicago Public Libraries, NYC Parks Foundation, and many more.

A winner of more than 22 writing awards, including a Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and a James Patterson PageTurner Award, Thaddeus Rex has become a sought after speaker, recognized for his unique ability to Sell It through branding. Thaddeus Rex will walk us through the branding process he uses to help clients and organizations stand out from their peers. Join Thaddeus, and get the numbers you’ve always dreamed of when you allow your brand to SELL IT LIKE A ROCK STAR!

Our June sponsor is Muncie-Delaware Chamber of Commerce

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