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The Role of Social Media in Inbound Marketing

Please join us Thursday, February 20th at the Innovation Connector located at 1208 W. White River Blvd. for a presentation on “The Role of Social Media in Inbound Marketing”  by Ben Wachtel. Our February sponsor is  Muncie Delaware Clean & Beautiful.

picture-2519-1381416965About Ben

With a double major in Professional Writing and Creative Writing, as well as two minors in Communications and Psychology, Ben has proven he is never one to back away from a challenge. As captain of the swim team in high school and at Purdue, he learned early on how to manage his time – and to work smarter, which has translated into his writing style. On any given day, he switches his voice as a writer by learning his client’s brand inside and out and developing content that engages their audience. This is where his experience writing many different genres and styles helps him contribute to the team at Element Three. The challenge of understanding of the brand and purpose of how content fits into the overall marketing strategy makes every day that much more interesting. As Ben would say, “It’s always better to know more than you need to know than to not know enough.”

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